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Fitness goals week 2

Happy Friday y’all!

Well, last week I did 5 days of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and this week (so far) I have also made it through 5 days of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution……….ANNNNNNNNNNND today I added 46 minutes of walking to put in 5909 (almost 3 miles) steps around the park! YEA! I hope to get in a JMBR workout tomorrow and another walk, then rest on Sunday and start over with Phase 2 of JMBR on Monday, and walking every day the weather and my schedule permit! YEA! SOOO, my fitness goals are going well so far, how ’bout y’all?

As far as eating goes, well, that hasn’t been so great lately. My hubby would also like to lose some weight, and together we decided that we’re going to give Nutrisystem a shot. I probably won’t stay on it but a month or so and then get back to whole foods. I really don’t like all the processed stuff they want you to have. I really expected them to have more whole foods……oh well, if it’ll get us jump started then so be it. I think it’ll make it easier for my honey bunny with his breakfast/lunch at work so that’s a good thing.

I’ve been invited to do a 5k mud run in May and I found another 5k that’s put on by the Navy Seals in March that sounds fun, so I’m hoping to get in shape for those! I can’t run unfortunately (my lungs (asthma) won’t let me), but I can walk! And at my age I want to be able to show all those young-uns that us getting close to 50ers can still keep up! 😀

Now to go work on my water intake for the day! Half your body weight in ounces is what you should aim for! Soooo, that’s 82 whopping ounces for me! Can you say water logged? ha

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! :o)

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Ever wonder what citric acid is?

Happy Tuesday y’all!

WOW! I had no idea that citric acid is actually fermented glucose! Check out this article that I read this morning! It’s yet another reason to not eat anything that comes in a box, can or jar. You should eat only real, whole foods……and actually, raw is healthiest, though I’m not very good at doing that part myself….

What's the deal with citric acid: the one ingredient found in almost every food product you buy –

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! :o)

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What you don’t know about processed foods really CAN hurt you!

Happy Thursday everybody!

I have learned this in my studies, but today I ran across an article by Dr. Mercola that I wanted to share with  you.

Do you KNOW what is truly in your food?  Do you REALLY want to eat it?  Are you sure?????

Here are some of the reasons you should NOT eat processed foods:

1.  They are loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and/or derivatives of sugar.  Sugar, and its relatives, is linked to obesity, diabetes, liver problems, cancer…..need I say more?

2.  Processed foods can make you crave MORE.

3.  LOADED with artificial junk.  The artificial JUNK can cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, allergic reactions…..

4.  LOADED with junk that can cause you to become ADDICTED to it.  Yep, it’s a proven fact.

5.  High in refined carbohydrates.  This is a cause for practically EVERY disease!

6.  Most are low in nutrients.  Lack of nutrition leads to health issues.

7.  Low in fiber. This can cause digestive issues if you aren’t eating enough fiber.

8.  Less energy needed to digest which leads to not burning calories, which can lead to obesity.

9.  High in fats/processed oil.  We already know that this is SO unhealthy!

You already know my stance………..EAT REAL FOOD!  WHOLE FOOD!  ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGGIES!  If you’re going to eat meat, it should ALSO be organic and free of nitrites/nitrates and any other artificial additives.

Please go to the link about to read the entire story by Dr. Mercola.  He also lists the research and resources if you care to delve further into the subject.

You really should pay attention to what you’re putting in your body.  Without your health you have nothing!

Until next time!  Have a Happy Healthy Day!  :o)

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So what is Gluten? Why is everyone going Gluten Free?

Happy Friday everyone!

It seems like everywhere you look these days you see gluten-free this, gluten-free that, and you’re wondering what in the world IS gluten anyway. So, I thought maybe I’d give us all a little insight into what it is, the symptoms of gluten intolerance, and information and links about the foods you can eat and foods you can’t.

According to Wikipedia, gluten is a protein that is processes from wheat and other related grains which would include barley and rye. Doesn’t sound like much of anything does it?

People that have an intolerance to gluten generally suffer from a variety of different symptoms including intestinal issues (bloating, pain, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation etc.), migraines, rashes, joint pain, you don’t absorb nutrients/vitamins properly (if at all), depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

Blood tests can be done to see if you’re having a nutrient/vitamin deficiency or if there is an issue with certain antibodies. An elimination diet can usually help to see if wheat is an issue for you too. Generally the only things eliminated are things that contain wheat……bread, pasta, many processed foods (READ YOUR LABELS!), even some cosmetics can contain gluten. If you actually read your labels you will be shocked at how much stuff contains wheat or wheat products.

That goes back to what I’ve said in a previous post……..WHOLE FOODS is the way to go. If you eat whole foods (fresh fruits and veggies), you won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

For more information about gluten intolerance, being gluten free, or celiac disease, there are several websites that give great information.

It definitely gives you something to think about. If you even have slight symptoms it could be that you have an intolerance to gluten, so you should check into it. It could put you on the road to a whole new you by cutting out gluten.

Until next time! Have a Happy Friday and a Fannnnntastic Weekend! 🙂

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Do you have eczema? Then you NEED to see this!

Happy Thursday everybody!

Yesterday I saw an article about a study: “Scientists conduct clinical trial to determine silk clothing for treatment of eczema” ( ) and I was completely and utterly appalled! Really, you think silk is going to “treat” eczema? Really? Come on now. Eczema shows up on the outside, but it starts from the inside, just like every other disease…..

In my several years of studies, if I have learned anything, it’s this…..changing your diet is the BEST way to fight disease. Don’t believe me? There are many books out there that prove it, and there are people that have literally done it!

There are many books…..”Healing with Whole Foods”, but Paul Pitchford is my absolute favorite, so start with that one. “Eat to Live”, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is my other favorite. So there are two for you to start with. 🙂

I have even found a human for you, named Abby! 🙂 I want you to read her story of how changing her diet has helped her to overcome severe eczema…..complete with pictures and links.

This is Abby now:

This is Abby before:

Now if you have eczema, you know how she felt, but if you’ve never known someone with eczema, you can only imagine what they have to deal with day to day! There are more pics on her website that you should see too, so make sure you go there:

Doctors told Abby they had never seen a case of eczema that was as bad as hers, and that it couldn’t be cured. She tried every “conventional” treatment she could find, and nothing worked. This is when her research led her to the discovery that changing her diet was going to change her life. This all started with a trip to a Naturopath, who put her on the path to wellness. She not only changed her life, she has become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Expert & Eczema Specialist. She is now paying it forward by helping others overcome their own eczema problems.

Please visit Abby’s website and don’t hesitate to ask her if she can help you too!

Abby also has an area on her site specifically about certain products and eczema, so don’t miss this valuable information:

Abby also shares some recipes: I’m looking forward to trying some of them myself! 🙂

Way to go Abby! I’m so proud of you for choosing to help others in their search to not only get rid of eczema, but better their health with nutrition!

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! :o)