Start a business? Don’t start a business? Decisions, decisions….

Hey y’all!  Happy Wednesday!

I have pretty much spent the day updating the website here with a new name, email and all that stuff (which hasn’t been as easy as I thought it’d be), updating my Facebook page and doing research on actually starting a business…..required paperwork, like, to LLC or not, taxes, FDA labeling rules and all that fun stuff.  Most of it wasn’t too horribly scary, but after reading all the FDA rules of labeling I don’t know what to do.  Their requirements make it to where you have to put so much on the labels that if you forget something you could face fines or even jail if you don’t do it right.  I definitely don’t want to mess up and get in trouble.  I was so excited and ready to jump in and start making products in the next couple of weeks, but now I don’t know if I want to or not, so I need your input!   What do you think?  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I need your thoughts!  Let me know!  🙂