Beware Yellow Pages Scam

Happy Friday y’all!

Well, here’s what happened…..  I was looking for a place to put my business listing and came across what I thought was (and still think it was) a legitimate Yellow Pages website, offering a free listing.  Me having just started a new business, I thought this would be perfect since I really don’t have a lot of capital to invest at the moment, figuring I could upgrade later.

This morning I noticed about a dozen missed calls on my phone, all showing Florida, but no messages.  Then it rang, and I thought, ok, I’ll answer.  The person stated his name was Vince Martinez, who had a super thick accent, but did not sound like a Spanish accent, and proceeded to “verify” my listing.  I didn’t think much about it at the time, until he started trying to get me to pay for my listing.  I told him it was stated that it was free.  He said that they don’t do free listings, so I told him that was false advertising and against the law.  I ended up hanging up.

After I hung up, I started researching about it and found out that it’s a scam.  They even go as far as sending fake invoices and trying to force you to pay and such, according to the reports I read.  I have reported this call to the FTC and mentioned all the other missed calls from the same area, and I’ve also sent a message to the BBB and have sent a message to the REAL Yellow Pages.  What’s funny is that it hasn’t rang since I hung up on them.  I hope they got the message.

Lesson for the day:   if you get a call from these horrible people, just don’t answer it, and report it to the FTC and the BBB, and you can report it to the AG too!

Until next time, have a great day!!!