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Sucralose…..good? or bad?

Happy Monday everybody!

Soooo, we all know that Sucralose is man made, but did you know that it’s another name for Splenda?  It’s produced by chlorinating sucrose, which is plain old white table sugar.  So basically it’s just chlorinated sugar, which is a chlorocarbon, and chlorocarbons are poisonous.  Even though our bodies do a great job of detoxing most things, it can still build up over time, which can be detrimental to our health.

The government says that it is safe and 98% pure, but that leaves us with 2%.  What is in that 2%?  Well, according to an article I found ( ), it contains things like lead, arsenic, methanol, and many other dangerous things.

Side effects of consumption of sucralose have been reported by many:

  • dizziness
  • migraines/headaches
  • bloating
  • rashes
  • tinnitus
  • acne
  • respiratory issues
  • joint pain/aching

and this is just SOME of the many side effects.

I try very hard to limit the consumption of processed foods, but on occasion, it does happen.  I try to be a careful and thorough label reader and buy the healthiest choice that I can.  If I can’t find one, and/or cannot make it from scratch, it generally just doesn’t get purchased.  What about eating out?  Just try to make informed healthy choices.  No croutons, oil/vinegar dressing on the side or a dressing you KNOW doesn’t have any of the dreaded and possible hidden additives, steamed veggies, nothing fried, no bread.  No sodas, no sweetened tea.  I know, I know, I can hear you from here!  Sweet tea is a staple here, but I order it unsweetened and carry my own stevia with me for sweetening.  You can  too.  I know, I’m no fun.  ha Your body will thank you for it, if you’re diligent in your choices.

If you’d like to learn more about the dangers of sucralose and other artificial sweeteners, here are several websites for you to peruse:

You can also read my previous blog about sugar, sugar substitutes and natural alternatives for more information:

Are there other choices besides refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners?

I hope I have given you all something to think about.  Over the last few years I have seen soooo much in the health industry that just scares the dickens out of me.  Doctors prescribe meds for the side effects of other meds and then you start seeing even more side effects and the next thing you know you have a new disease or even worse, you’re dead.  Did THAT get your attention?  I hope it did.  Please, please, PLEASE think before you eat and/or drink anything!  Do you really need that man made chemically filled food/drink that could possibly, eventually, even kill you?  Think about it…………..TRY to start making better choices.  Baby steps will get you there.  Yes you CAN do it, if you really want to.  The next time you eat/drink something, I hope you’ll remember reading this and remember to make a healthier choice. Thank you for listening to my rant for today!

Until next time!  Have a Happy Healthy Day!  🙂






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My Gabi girl has earned her angel wings


September 1st was definitely one of the hardest most devastating days of my life…….rewind a bit…….many of you have read my previous post about Gabi and her cutaneous vasculitis.….well, she has had her ups and downs, relapses from time to time, but generally doing pretty well for the last 4 years since her original diagnosis.  In April of this year, I took her and her siblings in for their checkup which at the time was a glowing report of health for all of them.  I made an appointment for Gabi to have a dental the next week.  She’d been having some issues with a molar off and on, so I asked them to check that out too.  Well, they ended up removing it, which was fine.  Anything to make her feel better.  About a week later I had to take her back in for a checkup because she was still oozing from the extraction (or so I thought).  They told me it could just still be healing and to give it a bit of time.  I had to give it about 3 more weeks because I had to have major surgery again (sacroiliac fusion) and was on crutches for 3 weeks due to no weight bearing for all that time.  So, I did my best to keep her mouth rinsed and such, hoping it was just taking extra time to heal because of the vasculitis.  Once I was allowed to be mostly normal again, I decided to take her in again because she was still oozing and it wasn’t a bit better.  They did a culture and a biopsy.  The wait for the reports was horrible, and it got worse….  She was diagnosed with untreatable cancer in her jaw.  Hence the oozing.  The extraction had actually healed, but I guess since her immune system has been so utterly out of whack the last few years that it gave the cancer a chance to take hold and do its worst…..and do its worst it did.  From then (June 12th) until Sept 1, she went from being our doing great with her vasculitis, to an almost skeletal, the cancer won…..  She fought a hard battle.  She was such a strong hearted girl…..not giving in to that blasted vasculitis, but couldn’t fight off the cancer.  We did the best we could, but decided at 12 years old, she’d been through enough and just needed to be happy until she was ready for her angel wings.  I took her off all her meds, other than pain pills.  She quit eating anything except canned chicken, which she wolfed down in 10 oz. cans 1-3 times a day!  She couldn’t keep her weight on though, she just kept getting smaller and smaller.  It was sad to watch her wither, but I had to wait for her to tell me she was ready to go, and I knew the very moment that it was time.  They always tell you when they’re ready.  You’re NEVER ready, but you have to let them go.  I held her as she took her last breath and for a bit after.  The vet was wonderful and gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye to her.  Even though it’s been a little over 3 weeks since she earned her wings, it still seems like it was today.  I’ve never had a bond with an animal like I have had with her.  I still have 2 other dogs, and I love them immensely, but I just don’t have that bond with them.  She’s no longer suffering, nor is she in pain….for that, I’m grateful.  She took a part of me with her when she left, but I know in my heart I will see her again when God decides it’s my time to go……it doesn’t keep me from missing her though, nor does it keep my from crying a lot these days… now.  I have many wonderful memories, and they made me a paw print plaque keepsake of her paw, which I will treasure.  She was a very well traveled dog, and we saw many many states together over the last 10 years.  We gave her the best life we could and spoiled her as much as we could, and are still spoiling her siblings, that are missing her like crazy, especially her sister Sassy.  I know that as time passes, I won’t cry near as much, but I’ll never stop missing her……..dang but it’s hard to type when everything is blurry from the tears streaming down your face…………….Until I see you again my dear baby girl…..

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What you don’t know about processed foods really CAN hurt you!

Happy Thursday everybody!

I have learned this in my studies, but today I ran across an article by Dr. Mercola that I wanted to share with  you.

Do you KNOW what is truly in your food?  Do you REALLY want to eat it?  Are you sure?????

Here are some of the reasons you should NOT eat processed foods:

1.  They are loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and/or derivatives of sugar.  Sugar, and its relatives, is linked to obesity, diabetes, liver problems, cancer…..need I say more?

2.  Processed foods can make you crave MORE.

3.  LOADED with artificial junk.  The artificial JUNK can cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, allergic reactions…..

4.  LOADED with junk that can cause you to become ADDICTED to it.  Yep, it’s a proven fact.

5.  High in refined carbohydrates.  This is a cause for practically EVERY disease!

6.  Most are low in nutrients.  Lack of nutrition leads to health issues.

7.  Low in fiber. This can cause digestive issues if you aren’t eating enough fiber.

8.  Less energy needed to digest which leads to not burning calories, which can lead to obesity.

9.  High in fats/processed oil.  We already know that this is SO unhealthy!

You already know my stance………..EAT REAL FOOD!  WHOLE FOOD!  ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGGIES!  If you’re going to eat meat, it should ALSO be organic and free of nitrites/nitrates and any other artificial additives.

Please go to the link about to read the entire story by Dr. Mercola.  He also lists the research and resources if you care to delve further into the subject.

You really should pay attention to what you’re putting in your body.  Without your health you have nothing!

Until next time!  Have a Happy Healthy Day!  :o)

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So what is Gluten? Why is everyone going Gluten Free?

Happy Friday everyone!

It seems like everywhere you look these days you see gluten-free this, gluten-free that, and you’re wondering what in the world IS gluten anyway. So, I thought maybe I’d give us all a little insight into what it is, the symptoms of gluten intolerance, and information and links about the foods you can eat and foods you can’t.

According to Wikipedia, gluten is a protein that is processes from wheat and other related grains which would include barley and rye. Doesn’t sound like much of anything does it?

People that have an intolerance to gluten generally suffer from a variety of different symptoms including intestinal issues (bloating, pain, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation etc.), migraines, rashes, joint pain, you don’t absorb nutrients/vitamins properly (if at all), depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

Blood tests can be done to see if you’re having a nutrient/vitamin deficiency or if there is an issue with certain antibodies. An elimination diet can usually help to see if wheat is an issue for you too. Generally the only things eliminated are things that contain wheat……bread, pasta, many processed foods (READ YOUR LABELS!), even some cosmetics can contain gluten. If you actually read your labels you will be shocked at how much stuff contains wheat or wheat products.

That goes back to what I’ve said in a previous post……..WHOLE FOODS is the way to go. If you eat whole foods (fresh fruits and veggies), you won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

For more information about gluten intolerance, being gluten free, or celiac disease, there are several websites that give great information.

It definitely gives you something to think about. If you even have slight symptoms it could be that you have an intolerance to gluten, so you should check into it. It could put you on the road to a whole new you by cutting out gluten.

Until next time! Have a Happy Friday and a Fannnnntastic Weekend! 🙂

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Do you have eczema? Then you NEED to see this!

Happy Thursday everybody!

Yesterday I saw an article about a study: “Scientists conduct clinical trial to determine silk clothing for treatment of eczema” ( ) and I was completely and utterly appalled! Really, you think silk is going to “treat” eczema? Really? Come on now. Eczema shows up on the outside, but it starts from the inside, just like every other disease…..

In my several years of studies, if I have learned anything, it’s this…..changing your diet is the BEST way to fight disease. Don’t believe me? There are many books out there that prove it, and there are people that have literally done it!

There are many books…..”Healing with Whole Foods”, but Paul Pitchford is my absolute favorite, so start with that one. “Eat to Live”, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman is my other favorite. So there are two for you to start with. 🙂

I have even found a human for you, named Abby! 🙂 I want you to read her story of how changing her diet has helped her to overcome severe eczema…..complete with pictures and links.

This is Abby now:

This is Abby before:

Now if you have eczema, you know how she felt, but if you’ve never known someone with eczema, you can only imagine what they have to deal with day to day! There are more pics on her website that you should see too, so make sure you go there:

Doctors told Abby they had never seen a case of eczema that was as bad as hers, and that it couldn’t be cured. She tried every “conventional” treatment she could find, and nothing worked. This is when her research led her to the discovery that changing her diet was going to change her life. This all started with a trip to a Naturopath, who put her on the path to wellness. She not only changed her life, she has become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Expert & Eczema Specialist. She is now paying it forward by helping others overcome their own eczema problems.

Please visit Abby’s website and don’t hesitate to ask her if she can help you too!

Abby also has an area on her site specifically about certain products and eczema, so don’t miss this valuable information:

Abby also shares some recipes: I’m looking forward to trying some of them myself! 🙂

Way to go Abby! I’m so proud of you for choosing to help others in their search to not only get rid of eczema, but better their health with nutrition!

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! :o)

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My personal opinion of body detoxification and stuff…

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

The first thing I think about on Wednesdays is that silly camel commercial! Love that camel! Now he’s in the movie theater eating popcorn too! THAT is hilarious! If you haven’t seen it, you probably will the next time you go to the movies. 🙂

Have you ever done a full body detoxification? Have you ever even heard of doing a full body detoxification? Do you know why you should do one? Well, let me try to give you a little insight into this from my perspective.

Ask yourself these questions…..have you ever taken medication? Do you eat processed foods? Do you drink? Do you use chemical laden body products? How about chemical laden household products? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you most assuredly could use a detoxification. Our bodies were not made for all this stuff, and over the years it builds up and keeps building up, so the process of getting rid of toxins gets overwhelmed and not only can’t keep up, it pretty much quits because it just can’t get rid of them all. This is only part of the reason why we have allergies, diseases, obesity, etc.

When I first started my studies in 2008 I answered yes to almost every question on the much longer list than the ones I just asked you. I chose to do a 120 day, full body detox. It was very VERY hard, but I was determined and I did it. That’s when my eating habits started changing and lots of baby steps later I no longer use chemical laden products on me or in my home. Fast forward two years later, I was 60 lbs lighter, off all my prescriptions (blood pressure, acid reflux, most allergy/asthma stuff), eating little to no processed foods and feel so much better! I was eating better and exercising 3-5 days a week. Fast forward 6 years later (now). I gained back some of the weight, which I’m working on now, but I still eat little to no processed foods, nor take prescriptions on a regular basis. No bp problems, once in a while I eat something to cause an acid flare up, but I know how to calm it with natural things (kefir, digestive enzymes, probiotics, aloe – lots of ways to do it! 🙂 ), and only need my inhaler a couple times a week when I do cardio (and I work out 6 days week), and I blame that on being in Wyoming. I hadn’t needed an inhaler in over 20 years until I spent three months there during fire, and dust (I think the dust is year round when there is no snow), season last summer. UGH!

My point is that all the toxins in your body NEED to come out if you want to be in good health! If you do a detox the benefits can extremely beneficial to you. I even lost my cravings for sweets and THAT is amazing! I’m one of those weirdoes that could have sat down with a can of frosting and a spoon and eat the whole thing. Well, I’m happy to say I haven’t done that in 6 years! WOOHOO! I don’t really care about sweets at all anymore. Usually just a little something on my birthday and I’m a happy camper for the year. I actually thought I’d get some candy to snack on a few weeks ago for my hubby and me, and it made me nauseous. REALLY! After you lose the craving for it and don’t eat it for a while, you really just don’t want it and your body reminds you that IT doesn’t want it either. 🙂 I lost weight, I’m off meds, I lost cravings, I feel better, I truly AM healthier! And happier too! I feel that I’m on my way to the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been and hope that once I reach my goals that I can maintain it. I’m not a spring chicken, but I’m not old either, so to me it’ll never be too late to work on being the healthiest I can be. It takes a lot of work and you really have to want it, but it can be done. I have an awesome support group to keep me inspired and motivated (family, friends, all of YOU, and my awesome Beachbody family!).

There are lots of detox programs out there to choose from, should you decide to do one. I highly suggest researching each one you may be thinking about and pick what you think will work for you.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask.  I’m always happy to help!

Until next time! Have a very Happy Healthy Day! :o)