Supplies came! Commence the soap making!

Happy Sunday y’all!

Some of my supplies came yesterday so today I’m making soap!  Ahhh the smell of fresh ground Frankincense….there’s truly nothing like it.  It’s wonnnderful!

So, here’s what is being made today!

Patchouli and Orange in an Olive Oil base with an Indian Clay exfoliant on the bottom. (12 bars)

Patchouli and Orange in a Castile Soap base with fresh ground Frankincense as an exfoliant, mixed in. (8 bars)

Lavender and Rosemary in an Olive Oil base with Lavender flowers mixed in.  (Still working on this one, they will be large bars, soooo probably 7 bars will be available)

It smells amazing in here!!!!!!  Let me know what you want!  6 bars of Patchouli and Orange (3 of each) are already sold, so you’d better get them before I’m out again!

Have an amazing happy healthy day!