Who is Triquetra Apothecary?

Our passion is creating the healthiest products possible from the finest, purest ingredients available to us.  Our wonderful combinations are specifically designed with you in mind!  Some of our products (water based) are made in very small batches or even made only when they’re ordered, because we choose to not use chemically laden ingredients to preserve them.  These products are made in small quantities so that they are fresh for you.

We also consider your personal requests for custom orders.  If you desire a specific scent or combination, please inquire.  A minimum purchase is required for most custom orders.

We will be offering services at a later date that will include Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions.  During my studies I learned about the energy of crystals and how they can affect us in different ways.  Crystals are a great addition to sessions, grids, to wear or even carry in your pocket.  I found that I really enjoy collecting different stones/crystals and also making some of them into jewelry to share with you!  You will find my creations when you go into the shopping section.  When I began, I found someone that was selling out their inventory of stones and supplies, so many of my creations I am not completely sure of what the stones are, but I will do my very best to find out and give you as accurate of a description as I can.

Please take a look around, we’re sure you’ll find something you’re sure to love!  Need a gift basket?  We’re happy to create something special just for you!

We’re so happy you dropped in for a visit and are hopeful that you’ve found something we’re sure you’ll!  Please drop in again soon to see our new additions and scents!

Wishing you much happiness and sunshine!!


New Soaps Listed Today!

Hi everybody!  Happy Sunday!  We have 2 new soaps in our inventory, ready for purchase!  Make sure you go to the store and check them out!

The ones in the pictures on the left are Mountain Citrus small, the ones on the right are Woodsy Citrus.

Here are the quick links for you:  Woodsy-citrus  and Mountain Citrus (lg) and Mountain citrus (sm)

The picture below is Mountain citrus large.  I only have 2 of those.

These turned out beautifully and I hope you will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them for you!  Don’t forget, everything is on sale for the rest of February to celebrate our Grand Opening!  Take advantage before you run out of time!

Check back often, as I will be adding products at a minimum of weekly, if not multiple times per week.  If you’d like a specific scent, or blend, let me know, maybe we can do that for you!

Until next time!  Have a very Happy Healthy Blessed Day!!! 🙂



Two new lip balms listed today!

New Lip Balms listed today!!!  I had a request for Spearmint and Peppermint Lip Balms, so I got busy and got them made for you yesterday!  I finished labeling and packaging today, so they’re now live on the website and ready for you to purchase!

Don’t forget that they are also on sale for our Grand Opening until the end of February, then they’ll be back to regular price, so take advantage of the sale while you can!

Ok, now to go finish with the two new soaps that I also made yesterday!   Keep an eye out for them!  New scents!

Until next time!  Have a happy healthy blessed day! 😀

Stocking products!

Good morning everyone!

I got up this morning to more orders which means it’s definitely time to stock back up for you!  I’ll be making more soaps and lip balms today, and once we’re stocked back up with current product I’ll be making new products to add to our inventory!  I can’t wait to share all these wonderful products and scents with you!

Keep in mind that there is always a possibility that we can customize a product for you with the scent of your choice, and depending on what it is, there could be a minimum order.

Keep checking back with us to see what’s new!  As always, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Until next time!  Have a wonderful, happy healthy day!!!  😀

Welcome to our Grand Opening!! We are sure you will find something you're going to love! Please make sure to take advantage of our Grand Opening Sales prices good through the end of February!! Dismiss

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